Luke is a victim of prosecutorial misconduct.

His retrial is scheduled for March 2021.

An attack as unlikely as a lightning strike happened to Luke Wirkkala in 2013. Then a second attack blew in like a hurricane.

Luke was subjected to suspicion, the kind reported by Malcolm Gladwell in Talking to Strangers and by Amanda Knox in My Turn to Be Heard. It’s an old story, told by Plato in Socrates’ Apology and it recurred in the Sanhedrin with Pontius Pilate washing his hands. False accusation has a long history. It lurks within unexamined consciences. A cascade of negative developments engulfed Luke.

  • Luke Wirkkala was accused of being in a consensual relationship with David Ryder (with no evidence and despite his history and testimony to the contrary). No romantic or sexual emails exist between the two, nor texts, letters, or witness testimony. Friends and colleagues of David Ryder had never heard of Luke, according to Bend Police investigative reporting.
  • Evidence of lethal-force strangulation were interpreted as sexual horseplay or self-infliction, though David Ryder had Luke Wirkkala’s skin under his fingernails (and only under his fingernails).
  • Luke’s shocked state was interpreted as hesitation at the bedroom door by Judge Forte, and deemed tantamount to premeditation.
  • The gun’s unspent warning round on the floor was deemed ‘planted’ by Luke, with no evidence.
  • The forensic analysis of Luke’s last-split-second point-blank shotgun blast, angled upward, shows a second attack as Ryder charged overcame Luke’s reluctance to shoot.
  • Luke’s statements to police were interpreted as lacking empathy, with no acknowledgment to his state of shock or to basic psychology and the trauma response.
  • Changing Luke’s sexual identity indicates improvisational tactics designed to overcome the self-defense reality, and lead to brazen lying by the prosecution and illegal acts of suppressed evidence, now coming to light.
  • These lies were fortified with slander: don’t believe Luke, he’s a ‘story-teller’ when all who know him say he’s incapable of lying.
  • “Teddy bear” Ryder was depicted as a nice family man with maybe a few quirks at most, and contrary character evidence from Kentucky Police and elsewhere barred.
  • The series of offers of a deal: 20 years, 15, 12 and now less than 2 years, indicates second thoughts on the part of the prosecution after the sentence was vacated on appeal.
  • Politics must have influenced Flaherty’s decision to prosecute. Careerism and proclivity must have motivated Mary Anderson.
  • Denying bail to never-before-afoul-of-the-law Luke indicates pressure (torture-like) in order to get him to plead manslaughter 2. And it shows the presence of cruelty.
  • Offering him a few months of R&R (a ‘get out of jail’ card) if he will only sign the morally exculpatory (for the prosecution) plea deal clinches it. Luke has become the prosecution’s ‘hot potato’.

Looming in the background may be fiduciary interest: avoid a payout for wrongful conviction and imprisonment by keeping an innocent man in jail. Dropping prosecutors with a lame excuse and using a scapegoat, and sending the case to the Department of Justice also tells a tale of malfeasance and guilt on the part of the Bend D.A. officers.

A conspiracy of silence on the part of media, who report every wayward utterance from prosecutors, while suppressing our letters multiple times, is just a fact that censors critically important information about the sheer awfulness permeating every aspect of Luke Wirkkala’s situation and its cast of characters.

Bring Luke Wirkkala home.

Luke’s family need your help to right the many injustices and bring him home to his family. To his life.