A recap of events.

Content Warning
“I’m not gay, I’m dominant.” – David Ryder

Luke Wirkkala and wife Rachel invited David Andrew Ryder, a recent acquaintance, to the 2013 Super Bowl viewing at a local bar. That night, David Ryder sexually assaulted and strangled an intoxicated Luke Anton Wirkkala in Wirkkala’s living room. Rachel, young son, and nephew all slept in the nearby bedrooms of the apartment Wirkkala and Rachel shared.

Upon regaining consciousness during the violent sexual assault, Wirkkala, in self defense, ran for his shot gun, ejected a warning round and told Ryder to leave, and was then charged by his attacker.

Ryder, a violent and sexually aggressive alcoholic, was shot in self defense.

Evidence shows beyond doubt that the shotgun arched up under Ryder’s neck before being fired, as Wirkkala stepped away from his looming attacker and fired at the last possible second. Moments later, Wirkkala’s partner called the police on their behalf, as a battered Luke sat crying on the floor.

Evidence of David Ryder’s dangerous, aggressive, intoxicated, and sexually exploitative history were suppressed by the prosecution, and a victim of sexual assault was sentenced to life in prison for defending self and family.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center reports that more than half of male sexual assault victims reported being assaulted by an acquaintance, as was the case for Luke Wirkkala, who had recently made Ryder’s acquaintance.

“1 in 71 men in the United States have been raped at some time in their lives, including completed forced penetration, attempted forced penetration, or alcohol/drug facilitated completed penetration.“

Luke Wirkkala is another grim statistic of male sexual assault, a topic society prefers to ignore.

Bring Luke Wirkkala home.

Luke’s family need your help to right the many injustices and bring him home to his family. To his life.

David Andrew Ryder

“MMF: My friend and I took my “girlfriend” – who was really just a slut I was banging -upstairs and I start fucking her from behind while she’s sucking my friends dick… If I had another girl I didn’t respect at all, I would totally do it again.”

-David Andrew Ryder

“I’m going to f*%ck your friend when he passes out.”

-David Andrew Ryder

“I used to get in a lot of fights from the ages of 17-26. Like… probably more than 20. I was dubbed ‘one hit wonder’ when I was in the Navy. It seemed like I couldn’t go on liberty without coming back with broken fingers, nose, black eye… lol good times.”

-David Andrew Ryder