About David Andrew Ryder

Luke Wirkkala’s attacker

David Andrew Ryder was a sexually aggressive alcoholic who strangled and sexually assaulted Luke Anton Wirkkala in Luke’s own Bend, Oregon apartment, while Luke’s girlfriend and two children slept in the nearby bedrooms. Luke defended himself against a violent sexual assault and strangulation, and now sits in prison.

David Andrew Ryder Police Mugshot
[ Police Mugshot of David Andrew Ryder ]

The prosecution convinced the jury that David Andrew Ryder was ‘a teddy bear’, while Judge Forte barred irrefutable character evidence proving the opposite.

The below summarizes David Ryder as a husband, father, work colleague, and citizen. All quotes can be found online at their original source (Reddit, IMGUR).

  • David Ryder resisted arrest and fought 3 Kentucky police officers after he assault a man and broke his girlfriend’s nose in the process
  • In the 2014 trial, Judge Forte barred police testimony, though the Kentucky officer had already arrived in Bend, Oregon
  • David Ryder was kicked out of the Navy, with reports of sexually inappropriate non-consensual behavior towards his colleagues
  • David Ryder’s colleagues told the Bend, Oregon police that Ryder was a “sexually aggressive alcoholic” who liked to “push guy’s buttons”
  • Ryder, known across the internet as “twobadfish,” posted the following on imgur.com: “Dear random stranger. I’m going to f*%k your friend when he passes out,” along with many other disturbing comments that reveal his true nature.

2014 defense attorney testimony from Kristen Winemiller

“David Ryder’s own marriage was with a woman a decade younger, a young woman who was 17 when Ryder first seduced her. On the night he was killed, she had been imploring him all night long to come home so she would be ready for a class early the next morning. She reminded him again and again that he needed to be there to care for their toddler so she could leave for school by 7 A.M. Her husband wasn’t committed enough to her future to be there so she could study and rest up for her class. He wasn’t committed enough to his young son to be home at a decent hour.”

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David Ryder AKA “twobadfish”

twobadfish reddit
David Ryder AKA “twobadfish”

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Join us in bringing awareness to the citizens of Deschutes County of the injustice that was obvious in the first trial surrounding Luke’s case.

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