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Luke Wirkkala Found Guilty Through Manipulation of Evidence

By July 4, 2020January 7th, 2021One Comment

Letter: Local man found guilty through manipulation, not evidence

Shared from the Chinook Observer, June 29th, 2020:

I’m the brother-in-Law of Luke Wirkkala. The following could be you: You drink too much, fall asleep, the acquaintance you have invited over for Super Bowl Sunday has just sexually assaulted you (DNA proof), strangled you (DNA proof), you break their grip, proceed to the bedroom and grab your weapon. You go out to the kitchen area, the person that assaulted and strangled you is still present. You eject a round (warning) and tell him to leave the house. The subject* charges towards you. You pull the trigger. Luke got 25 to life.

Before the trial the media slanted the news and portrayed Luke as a murderer. The prosecution stated Luke had consensual sex and wanted a relationship with the subject*. There was no evidence of this. Luke’s rights were violated and a retrial is set for October 2020.

A bail hearing was conducted with the defense presenting layers of evidence and the Judge appearing to dismiss the evidence. Manipulation can be more overpowering than direct evidence. If you examine carefully and without bias and prejudice all the evidence available, there is overwhelming proof that Luke Wirkkala should be acquitted on all charges.

Please, for more information I invite you to the website about Luke Wirkkala, born and raised in Chinook.


See the full article at the Chinook Observer, here.


*Note from David Andrew Ryder, known across the internet as Twobadfish, infamous for the quote:

“I’m going to fuck your friend when he passes out.”

One Comment

  • Steve McConnell says:

    This is the right thing to do, protest on the 14th Aug 2020. The judicial system manipulated the jurors in the first trial. Lets hope the jurors are fair and their vision is clear about all the evidence on the second trial. All the evidence points to Luke Wirkkala innocent / NOT GUILTY of all charges: look at the DNA, after Ryder sexually assaulted and strangled Luke, even after Luke broke away from the strangulation, Ryder still stayed in the house. Luke told him to leave and ejected a shotgun round for another warning. Ryder than charged at Luke. Luke was fearful of his life, girlfriend and 2 children who were in several bedrooms behind Luke. Ryder was within inches of Luke, when Luke pulled the trigger. Ryder was not the victim (Ryder was deceased due to Ryder’s criminal acts on Luke, choosing not to leave the house, charging at Luke and being a serious threat towards the residence life). The prosecution stated numerous times about a consensual relationship between Ryder and Luke, there was no evidence (that is psychological at its finest- placing that thought in the jurors mind). This was one statement of manipulation, there was numerous others.

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