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Luke Wirkkala Polygraph Report Results

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The polygraph examination administered by C.W. Bryant Polygraph Services within the walls of the Deschutes County Jail speak volumes

Luke Wirkkala shot David Ryder, aka ‘Twobadfish’, a notoriously sexually aggressive alcoholic, in self defense after Ryder sexually assaulted and strangled him. Wirkkala, not to harm Ryder but to warn him away, pumped a shell onto the floor and told Ryder to get out of the house. Ryder, who once fought three police officers and punched his girlfriend in the face, breaking her nose and blackening her eyes, charged Wirkkala. Ryder, 50 lbs heavier than Wirkkala, chose his fate.

Wirkkala fired only at the last split second in defense of himself and his young family, asleep in the rooms behind him.

Luke Anton Wirkkala, a star pupil and magna cum laude graduate, was never a cheat or liar. Those who know Luke know this. Those who do not may read the results of this lie detector test. 

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